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What kind of matters are taken up in SDM courts in India?

The Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) courts in India handle a wide range of matters, including both civil and criminal cases. The specific types of cases that come under the jurisdiction of SDM courts may vary from state to state, as they are determined by the respective state laws. However, here are some common categories of matters typically taken up in SDM courts:

Land and Property Matters

Land disputes and boundary disputes
Partition of property
Mutation of land records
Transfer of property
Land acquisition matters
Conversion of land use

Marriage and Family Matters

Marriage registrations and certificates
Matrimonial disputes and divorce cases
Maintenance and alimony claims
Child custody matters
Adoption and guardianship cases
Succession and inheritance matters



Revenue and Municipal Matters

Collection of land revenue and property taxes
Issuance and verification of various certificates (e.g., income, domicile, caste, etc.)
Granting permissions and licenses (e.g., arms license, trade license, etc.)
Eviction of unauthorized occupants from government land

Disputes related to government schemes and welfare programs
Criminal Matters

Cases related to public order and peace maintenance
Offenses under local and special laws
Arrest, detention, and release of accused persons
Issuing warrants and orders for preventive detention
Cases involving minor offenses and petty crimes

Miscellaneous Matters

Issuance of various certificates (e.g., character certificate, survivor certificate, etc.)
Registration of societies, trusts, and NGOs
Matters related to public demonstrations and protests
Execution of various government schemes and programs
Any other matters specifically assigned to the SDM court by law.

It’s important to note that the jurisdiction and powers of SDM courts can differ across states and may be subject to amendments and modifications. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult the specific state laws or consult with legal professionals to understand the precise scope of matters that can be taken up in SDM courts in a particular region.

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