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Accidental Claims

Road accidents are uncertain mischances that leave dents in the lives of every individual, a sufficient amount of compensation and timely grievance redressal stitches the wounds. Such compensation in case of road accidents, motor vehicle accidents, can even be claimed when neither party are at fault. The Motor Accident Claims Tribunal M.A.C.T guidelines, provide a simplified guide on how one can get compensation if he or a family member ever becomes a victim of accident, death, or property damage. To accompany you in such deleterious experiences the best road accident claim Adv Neha Batra, proficient in her work shall help you in chalking out the right steps and methodologies.

The road accident claim lawyer in Delhi Adv Neha Batra shall help you in registering a case in the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, further helping determine the person at fault, whether a third party is involved, also guide you with your rights and liabilities, comprehend you’re case, and ensure a low chance of defeat while imparting speedy justice and timely redressal. The assessment of loss at times becomes crucial but is the major aspect that every individual expects and looks forward to. The proper guidance of the insurance agent helps in the estimation of the loss, your car accident claim advocate shall help trace whether the insurance policy should pay for the losses incurred and how much should we expect from the policy.

We have been taking up cases of accidental claims and providing accidental claim consultation in Delhi. It has been fifteen years since we have been taking up accident claim and compensation cases and dealing with them retrospectively. The law expert Adv Neha Batra shall strive to bring in maximum compensation to cover all your losses.

In certain il-happenings when death occurs of a  person or a family member in an accident, a beneficiary can file for an insurance claim with proper guidance and supervision of best accident claim advocate in Delhi. The claimant must be the legal heir of the deceased to receive the insurance sum and the additional coverage. Further, Section 165 of the Motor Accidents Act provides that the claim for compensation can be made by any person who has sustained the injury, owner of the property where death has occurred due to road accidents, all or any legal representative of the deceased, any agent duly authorized by the person injured or all or any of the legal representatives of the deceased as the case may be.

The accident benefits cover also works in case of negligence of the opposite party which is often the reason for accidents in the highest number of cases. This gives additional coverage, over and above the usual life insurance sum, if the death of the insured is caused due to an accident in a hit and run case. Such are consequential losses that need timely attention and redressal from different individuals and forums, with our experienced advocate’s calculated moves and timely accommodations such averments can be disposed of easily.


Where can one file a case in case of car accidents?

In the nearest claims tribunal under whose jurisdiction the accident has occurred, local limits of whose jurisdiction the claimant resides, or carries on business, or where the defendant resides or carries on business.

What is the time limit for a car accident claim?

The aggrieved party can file a case while taking the help of our best accident claim lawyers in the requisite tribunal within three years of the date of occurrence of the accident.

How do I know I am eligible for compensation?

Any person who is injured dies, gets injuries severe or minor in nature, faces any loss of property when he himself was involved or by the collision of such other vehicles can reach out to the appropriate forum for the want of compensation even when you are no, were at fault.

What is a personal accident cover?

The compensation granted to provide financial stability to an individual in case of demise, bodily injuries, impairment, mutilation, etc.

It has two sub-categories:-
-Singular / Individual Accident Insurance- only a single individual is insured for the same.

-Group Accident Insurance-

How does my insurance agent estimate the loss?

The agent takes note of the following thing while calculating your final insurance amount,

  • The annual income of the individual to be insured
  • The number of individuals to be insured
  • Details of all the individuals to be insured
    -name, date of birth, occupation, annual income, etc.
  • Name of the nominee for every insured person
  • Contact details of all the above-mentioned individuals

Do I even need to hire a road accident lawyer after my accident?

A competent road accident lawyer needs to be hired for they shall represent you in the court. With their experience and expertise in this field, they shall cater to the quintessential aspects of the case which might be missed or be unknown to the layman. With our best car accident claim advocates in Delhi, the vital aspects like filing of the petition in the appropriate tribunal, compensation estimation and claim,  recognition of the person at fault, correspondence with the insurance agent will be well taken care of.