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Best Child Custody Lawyers in Delhi

In India a child below the age of 18 years whether legitimate or illegitimate, the law pronounces on them to have a legal guardian. Family Courts in India decide the custody cases and fix maintenance when the parents are unable to do so. Adv Neha Batra is a trusted Best Child Custody Lawyer in Delhi seeks to safeguard children from any cruel and negligent environment which hampers the child’s inherent growth and productivity. Contact Now to know more…

Adv Neha Batra is an expert child advocate lawyer  and is experienced in handling thousands of complicated child custody issues, which are mostly accompanied by divorce and matrimonial disagreements.

A salutary environment where the child wishes to live nurtures the child and keeps aside the toxicity. Adv Neha Batra is an experienced child custody advocate shall avail you of custody arrangements that are in the best interest of your child.

Best Child Custody Lawyers in Delhi
Lawnaturale child custody lawyer

Why choose Lawnaturale Best Lawyer for child Custody?

minor may not have contractual obligations but sustaining their legal rights when it comes to guardianship is our duty. Expert child custody advocates at Lawnaturale shall showcase their brilliant negotiation and counseling skills in monitoring the post-custody and visitation rights of the other spouse.

Further, our best child advocates shall strive to strive for sufficient maintenance for the child to suffice the child’s present and future necessities including their health, education, and care.

A family and child custody advocate understands the labyrinthine legal nuances involved in the custody procurement process and takes caution in maintaining subtlety while handling custody cases.

Benefits of choosing Lawnaturale Best Lawyer for child Custody?

Adv Neha Batra houses the Best child custody advocate in Delhi who judiciously look into the case, present the case effectively and delve into matters relating to alimony, financial matters, discuss practical strategies with our clients and help arrive at beneficial results. From thousands of child custody cases that Adv Neha Batra has taken up over the years, the child custody attorney have helped polish their wealth of legal knowledge, exercise courtroom arguments, and enhance their legal point of view.

With fine argumentative skills and pleading procedures, Adv Neha Batra is working industriously to furnish guardianship rights to the deserving spouse while imparting the child with safety and security.

The welfare of the child is of paramount importance when taking into consideration the custody of the child when parents seek joint custody. If you are about specifically going for sole and physical custody of the child, our child advocates shall delve in to regulate the visitation rights of the other non-custodial parent, where both the parents should attend to the needs of the child while fulfilling the post-custody obligations.


How does child custody work if you are not married?

Even if you are not married and seek the custody of your child you have to fight for it against the opposite party.

Can a third party seek custody of the child?

When neither parents are interested to take custody of the child, the child’s guardianship can be granted to a person appointed by the court which shall be in the best interest of the child.

Will the child be able to communicate with his other family members of the spouse without custody?

While the rights and duties are laid down before the court to decide, this clause may also be included. It solely depends on the parents of the child and in case of the child is major his discretion is important and further whether the court agrees to it or not.

Does the child get deprived of Family Property because of custody?

No, the child does not get deprived of the family ancestral property but may be deprived of the self acquired property of the non-custodial parent.

Which is better legal custody or physical custody?

Legal custody means the parent gets to make decisions for the child, while in the case of physical custody the child stays with a parent who is entrusted with the custody of the child. A parent may or may not have both the rights. 

Seeing to the interest of the child, security, safety, and courts decision the custody should be decided.

What questions does a Judge ask during a child custody hearing?

The Hon’ble Court seeks to work and grant what is in the best interest of the child. The court may ask questions regarding each parent’s income, assets, status, age, health, lifestyle, interest in maintaining the child, how did the parents take care of the child and fulfil their duties prior to the case coming to the court. Our able and experienced child custody advocates shall analyze and weigh up your part so that your testimony stands out and your chances of getting the custody rights to grow.

Is child support included in alimony?

For the sustenance of the child, the spouse should pay maintenance separately for the safekeeping of the child. While alimony is given to the spouse upon marital separation.

How frequently does maintenance be made to the child?

The maintenance can be paid, weekly, monthly, or an aggregate amount can be paid beforehand. In the case of a minor child, the lump sum amount paid will be taken care of by the parent in the custody of the child. Such maintenance should be decided beforehand, and the court should agree to it and pass orders accordingly.