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Civil Lawyer In delhi

Civil law basically deals with the cases where the wrong is done against an individual or other private party(corporation) and the civil law is governed by the CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (CPC). CPC deals with the cases of defamation, negligence resulting in injury or death, breach of contract, recovery of money, maintenance cases, fraud, etc. and such cases can only be dealt with by the procedure described in the code.

Civil law deals with the cases related to property, contract, family relations and civil wrongs including physical injury. In simple words, civil law basically deals with cases between two individuals.

The matter of civil law is heard and decided by the civil court only and the party who found guilty by the court has to face the consequences and has to pay the civil fine or large amount of monetary damages, so one has to hire a lawyer who has great knowledge and a person with lots of experience.

So, here the LAWNATURALE deals with the civil cases including fraud cases, money recovery cases, maintenance cases, breach of contract, negligence cases, etc. The main counsel of LAWNATURALE has lots of experience and she is very cooperative and always prioritises her clients.