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Civil, Criminal & Recovery Matters


Actus Non-Facit Reum Nisi Mens Sit Rea – An act cannot be called illegal unless it is done with a guilty mind.

​Crime is not only a crime against an individual rather it’s a wrong done to the society at large. It shakes the root of the society and the victim carries the pain in his heart throughout his life. Law orbit assures that the best legal assistance is given to an individual and An advocate is expected to act with utmost sincerity and respect. In all professional functions, an advocate should be diligent and his conduct should also be diligent and should conform to the requirements of the law by which an advocate plays a vital role in the preservation of society and the justice system.

An advocate is under an obligation to uphold the rule of law and ensure that the public justice system is enabled to function at its full potential. Our legal team takes care of the principles of professional ethics and the rights of the party. As far as criminal matters are concerned, our legal experts carry a higher responsibility. The counsel discharges his duty with immense responsibility and each of his actions is sensible.

He is expected to have a higher standard of conduct. He has a special duty towards the court in rendering assistance. It is because he has access to public records and is also obliged to protect the public interest. That apart, he has a moral responsibility to the court. When these values corrode, one can say “things fall apart”. He should always remind himself that an advocate, while not being insensible to ambition and achievement, should feel the sense of ethicality and nobility of the legal profession in his bones.

The aim of our team is to provide a mechanism for effective legal justice within the framework of the law.

Maters on Recovery of Money

Money Recovery suits are common these days. These suits can be filed by companies, Partnership firms, proprietorship firms, traders, businessmen, private individuals on the account of payment due, business dues in the cases where there is a breach of contract or agreement between the parties.

Law gives us the remedy to recover the money by following certain steps starting with sending a notice to the opposite party and in case the opposite party fails to pay, then the remedy that is available is to file a recovery suit under Order XXXVII of Civil Procedure Code.

​LAWNATURALE takes prompt action to file a recovery suit within the period of limitation and takes due care that the petitioner seeks adequate relief from the court of law within time.