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Best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

If you feel your case is intricate and tough to deal with, then probably you have not engaged the right Best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi yet. Contact Us now!!

Crime and criminal lawyers are antecedents to each other. Lawnaturale houses the Top criminal lawyer in Delhi providing Criminal matter consultancy for the last fifteen years.

Our team has taken up thousands of cases, high-profile in nature, and has worked with people of every parlance in society. Cases of great affluence and stature bring with them challenges that need detailed attention and timely maneuvering. In such high stake cases, advocates of Lawnaturale have shown serious defense, prosecution, and negotiation skills and shunned challenges with pre and post-conviction arguments and pleadings.

Best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi
Top Criminal lawyer

Why Choose Top criminal lawyer in Delhi?

Cases that are intricate and require rigorous attention as sexual abuse, violence against women, cybercrime, rape, murder, forgery, fraud, defamation, etc are worked upon by our criminal advocates in Delhi daily.

Crime is an umbrella term that attracts into its purview a vast number of things that keep mutating with time. Criminal cases are said to begin when a person is arrested- to come to our client’s rescue our criminal advocates shall present the case and argue the matter in every bail hearing and prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt.

Lawnaturale’s criminal lawyers in Rohini hold a deep understanding of various local, state laws, criminal, procedural, and evidentiary laws, which has broadened their horizons. We draft the petition and present it before the court, examine the case in any court of requisite jurisdiction, prepare constructive and worthy arguments to make the case strong from the first hearing itself.

We shall look into such other remedies to negotiate the terms and conditions with the opposite party and the Court. True to our moral sanctity we take up a case without any bias whilst maintaining the attorney-client relationship and work on it thoroughly until justice is imparted. We seek our client’s cooperation in adducing evidence for the quick disposal of the case.

With high acquittal and least conviction rates, our firm with the team of Best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi stands out in the legal circuit. The criminal lawyers who are proficient in their work are well aware of the strategies involved in the case and its ins and outs, we make complacent moves and strategize accordingly. If the case so arises seeing to the benefit of the client we shall strive for outside courtroom settlements further we shall look into other such complexities involved and provide legal guidance accordingly.

How can a Criminal Lawyer help with an FIR?

In case of any criminal discrepancy where a case needs to be made. The first step any layman should take is that of filing an FIR in the police station of competent jurisdiction. In instances of rogue and abuse of the law, the policemen might not lodge your FIR, in such cases the guidance of an advocate becomes crucial. Further after an intervention of an advocate, the Police is bound to lodge an FIR.

Can I hire a criminal lawyer to help me secure my bail?

If there is an apprehension of arrest, our advocates can help you prepare the anticipatory bail under section 498A of the Indian Penal Code and pre-arrest notice beforehand. And upon an arrest with no anticipatory bail in hand we shall take correct measures and attend every bail hearing, drafting of the bail bond will be taken care of by our advocates.

Can I hire a Criminal Lawyer from a different state?

A competent criminal lawyer is of paramount importance when dealing with a criminal matter. For interstate cases, a lawyer who is well versed with the case at hand and proficient with the nuances of the law be that be of local laws involved. Can take the case and argue accordingly. But there is always an upper hand to the advocate of the state because of their proficiency in backroom defenses, lesser expenses, and charges, the upper hand in the ins and outs involved,better understanding of local laws if involved etc.

Can a criminal matter be settled outside the court?

Resorting to a settlement outside the court is recommended for trivial cases where the facts and circumstances are clear at hand. Such cases might be defamation, family disputes, money disputes of small amounts. Such a resolutions might not be binding. The orders and judgments passed by the court are binding in nature and if the parties don’t abide by the same they can be prosecuted by the court and the further decision may go against them.

Can I fight my case without a Criminal Advocate?

An advocate is a person whose degree and knowledge has helped him acquire the tag of “advocate” and a criminal lawyer is one who has specialized in the same subject be it with a specific degree or with their years of experience in the court. They have a profession of providing legal guidance to any aggrieved party, party falsely accused, or to the party at fault. It is advisable to hire an advocate because of the experience they carry in doing the court work which shall indeed be beneficial to your case.