Questions On Child Custody

Who is given preference- mother or father in child custody cases in India?

Both the parents are given importance equally, however welfare of the child is paramount importance.

If no parent wants to take the child in custody, then whom does the court gives custody?

It’s very hard fact, if neither of the parents wants to take care of the child, in that case any interested relative or grandparent can file an application in the court.

Can a father claim child’s custody?

Yes, father can very well claim child custody but generally the age of the child and his welfare is considered over and above all the factors.

Are grandparents entitled to claim child custody even if parents are alive?


What is the main point or factor that court considers while appointing the guardian of a child in child custody cases?

Welfare of child is of paramount importance while deciding the cases of child custody.

Can a stepmother claim custody of a child in India?

Yes, In few cases she can.

If the custody of the child once given by a parent to another parent, can it be reclaimed?

Yes, it can be reclaimed.

Can a couple or spouses claim joint custody?


Can a parent be given sole custody?

Yes, a parent can be given sole custody.

 Can court order maintenance for child?

Yes, court can order in the cases of maintenance.

  Can court order child support?



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